An important Magic formula to Betting on Horse Races

It is no secret that I am a huge fan of horse racing systems. A good horse racing system will usually take into account a number of factors when considering which horses are the best for a race, including:

How many races you are betting on per week? It can sometimes be difficult to find out what the true secret to making money betting on horse races is if you are just betting once or twice a week. It's really a case of trying to match your wagering schedule with the horse racing system.

Race track conditions, particularly the weather? If you are going to try and predict where the race will go, then it is important to have some knowledge of how a race track will change over the course of a race. If you don't know, then it's a very hard job to do!

Horse's past performances in similar races? I'm not sure why people who bet horses never think about using past performance as an indicator of their chances of winning a race. It really is a very useful method.

For example, a horse that has always shown strong form at the track could be seen as a 'favorite' by a betting system that uses statistics to predict how the race will end. On the other hand, a horse that has lost in the past could be seen as a 'dud' by the same system, if they have lost in the past in races that they should have won. Home Page horse racing handicapping

And of course, how much do you like to bet? If you are just starting out with horse racing systems, then obviously you don't want to lose more than you make, so you need to be careful about the amount of money you put down each week to start off with.

So, one of the most valuable horse racing systems for meinvolves finding out what the 'true' secret to making money is for me, before I even consider going for a horse in a race. The best way to do this is to put the question to the betting system and use its answer as my secret. It can often give me some very useful tips.

Once I have determined the secret, I then make sure that my next betting session is based around my secret answer to a horse racing system question, such as 'what are the top tips for a jockey to pick a winner?' Hopefully, that will help you as well to start making money betting on horse races - provided you don't mind putting your money down once in a while!

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